A little better than expected, a little less than we had hoped
While the 299 downloads on launch day was quite OK it did of course take us down to earth in the means that it was not causing a download boom across the globe. We did not expect that but perhaps there was some tiny fiber in my body that had hoped for a miracle.

But for the cause of this launch blog the start makes a interesting first chapter of the story. Lets write chapter 2 – The fight for downloads…

Social gaming
As I wrote in my previous post Game Center was not working the entire day of the launch, but on day two that had changed for the better. More than 100 engaged players from all over the world are right now trying to carve seconds of their TotalTime to excel on the leader boards!

Turning critics into believers
Practically all reviews of our game have been positive. Some have made remarks about the graphics but in the same breath said that this is not essential in a puzzle game. However the Game Center issue and a small bug did cause some comments in a forum at TouchArcade. We instantly explained the problem and managed to turn the problem to our advantage. What we found in the forum is now a few of our most dedicated players and advocates for going premium. We also got some really good suggestions for an update.

Twitter is a lonely place…or is it?
At first Twitter struck me as a place where millions of people simply shout out their message and where everybody only cares about themselves. That’s when I decided to use a different strategy. Showing true interest in peoples’ projects and looking for true ways to support them in their goals. This has of course paid off but it is hard work.

At the time of writing this we have 182 followers on Twitter, that may not be much but these are all interesting people with interesting projects and they are genuinely interested in indie games and I am confident that we will get both friends and downloads from this channel.

Downs and ups
On the second day of the launch the volumes went down from 247 to 77. “Is this it?” I asked myself. Is it downhill to zero in less than a week? Well interestingly enough we went back up to 143 on the third day. The statistics show that our downloads are no longer coming from America and Europe but instead from Asia. This has made us focus on getting Chinese localisation for the game. We will follow up on that later on.

Space Forest Dilemma had 77 downloads on Nov 7 and 143 downloads on Nov 8.
The game now has a total of 519 downloads.

Help us reach a 1000 downloads!
After writing this post I will try to rally a download burst by inspiring people to help us reach a 1000 downloads. I you feel supportive please download the game and play it with a friend.

(The game is free to download and there is an non intrusive in app purchase available to get an extra 60 levels.)

Please download the game and become part of our launch story.

Best regards!