People are playing our game and enjoying it
We are currently giving away a one of a kind Space Forest Dilemma hat to the person who is number one on the game center leader board one week after launch. This has spurred some amazing scores that we as developers haven’t even been close to. People are playing our game and enjoying it. That is a huge rush in itself.


Being in the middle of of the haze that is launching a game on the AppStore I can hardly believe the numbers for day four and five. Day four had 23 and day five had 25 downloads. This is puzzling because so many cool stuff is happening for us right now.

*Chinese site made a gameplay video that you need to see!
*Reaching 200 followers on Twitter.
*137 players on game center social leaderboard
*Picked up by German game site I Play Apps
*Chinese site did a gameplay video
*Chinese site 18touch did a short game description and a link to the AppStore

The overall interest from Asia proves that we are on the right track with our localisation endeavors.

On the bright side
The bright side of having daily downloads in the small numbers that we have right now is that you can actually affect them significantly just by talking to people on the bus or sending an text message to a friend asking for help. All marketing efforts counts and our goal is crystal clear 1000 downloads.

The ratio between free and premium players i 2%. Meaning that 1000 downloads would result in 20 paying customers. The game is constructed so you won’t need to go premium until you have mastered the first 40 levels. Therefore we probably have not seen the true ratio yet. The ratio seems OK we just need to drastically increase the number of players.

Numbers for November 9 and 10 are undoubtedly disappointing with only 23 and 25 downloads. The download total is now 576.

Only 424 downloads left to reach our goal!
Help us reach a 1000 downloads. I you feel supportive please download the game and play it with a friend.

(The game is free to download and there is an non intrusive in app purchase available to get an extra 60 levels.)

Please download the game and become part of our launch story.

Best regards!