Time for a summary
The launch week has been exhausting. Mostly because all social interactions takes a toll and there are hundred things you should be doing.

So the downloads did not reach our goal of 1000 the first week. We will get there but it will be harder than anticipated.

AppStore downloads: 619(+42)

Downloads for nov 11, 12 an 13 was 15, 11 and 16. Thanks to my dad who helped us turn the trend by texting his entire contact book.

Event list
*We got picked up by a French site JEU.info
*We dipped our toe in the sea that is Facebook ads
*We reached 214 followers on Twitter.
*Our competition was a hit and the hat went to Brazil.
*GameCenter player reached 163

We managed to turn the trend away from zero with the help of my father who texted all his contacts last night. That is the Europe downloads we are seeing. 🙂

As for strategy goes the Facebook competition seems to be a lot more cost efficient than buying clicks with Facebook ads. We will do another competition soon. And evaluate the ads in the next blog post.

Only 381 downloads left to reach our goal!
Help us reach a 1000 downloads. I you feel supportive please download the game and play it with a friend.

(The game is free to download and there is an non intrusive in app purchase available to get an extra 60 levels.)

Please download the game and become part of our launch story.

Best regards!