Question: How many download does a positive review and a tweet to 40k gamers result in?
The answer might shock you, none or negative, we actually saw a decline in downloads from the day of the tweet and there after. This kind of makes my last post about the big break a little embarrassing but hey that was kind of the point of this blog. To show the emotional roller coaster that is an indie app launch. We did see some interest in the form of twitter followers.

Our review in 148apps did nothing to keep the download stats from dropping to almost zero. The review was posted on the 20 nov.

Learning from others
Last night I had a chat with Ed Farias of Elf Games who has been blogging every day for a month after his launch of Hungry Hal. Our statistics are pretty similar and I learned a lot reading his blog. For example that the way people discover apps is really different than I expected. I Ed’s post he shows that Top Charts, Word of mouth and featured listings kicks mobile gaming sites and Twitter by far. I also listened to another podcast by Paul Kemp where he talked to Digital Strategist Jennifer Clarke That episodne taught me what I had already suspected, that Twitter is basically useless as a marketing tool unless you start providing interesting content and really start creating relationships with people.

Where to go from here?
Well there are still a lot of positive things and experiences learnt from this launch and we still have a few aces up our sleeves. We have gone to the next step with the China localisation efforts and also we are trying to get our app featured with Apple.

Here is our current status:

*Total downloads: 780
*We reached 260 followers on Twitter.
*GameCenter players reached 288
*We become nr 1 in HOT GAMES on toucharcade (Puzzle Free category)

Only 220 downloads left to reach our goal!
Help us reach a 1000 downloads. I you feel supportive please download the game and play it with a friend.

(The game is free to download and there is an non intrusive in app purchase available to get an extra 60 levels.)

Please download the game and become part of our launch story.

Best regards!