Papas Finest
The stressful period of the launch is definitely over. A period where I wanted to do everything post everywhere and talk to everyone just to take advantage that the game was a new release. The feeling was always that we should have started marketing earlier and had a larger group of testers and supporters. During the launch we have acquired some people who really like the game and some that are really interested in analyzing the concept and the depth of the game play. These are the kind of people we want to connect with earlier in the process for our next project.

I have started a list on Twitter called Papas Finest where I store our most valuable contacts and advocates of the game. We are also putting together a list of e-mail contacts of bloggers, you-tubers, and game journalists that has covered us in any way.

Looking ahead
We have started coding again and we are planning the first update of the game. Also we are turning one eye to our next project where we have a prototype and some concept art. Marketing vise we are continuing the Chinese localisation project with a Shanghai based company. We will continue to create cool content on Twitter and focus on making connections and relationships rather than pure selling(simply because no one wants to hear it). This is starting to pick up and we are gaining followers and interactions.

Asia is a very interesting market for a new puzzle concept like ours that is why we are pursuing a Chinese localisation.

About to hit 800 downloads

Downloads are really slow since two weeks back, we have about 5 downloads per day during the weeks but only one or two during the weekends. On the positive side we are really close to the 800 downloads mark(Currently 796).

*Total downloads: 796
*We reached 277 followers on Twitter.
*GameCenter players reached 299
*The Space Forest Dilemma discussion thread on Toucharcade has had 2990 views.

Low poly mountains
Looking at our download chart over the period we can see that there is a signinficant number of the total downloads coming from launch day and day two. After that our marketing efforts have affected the curve but only in a very little way. I will draw more conclusions in a later post and simply leave you with the curve for now.

Click image for the larger version with the actual numbers.

Only 204 downloads left to reach our goal!
Help us reach a 1000 downloads. I you feel supportive please download the game and play it with a friend.

(The game is free to download and there is an non intrusive in app purchase available to get an extra 60 levels.)

Please download the game and become part of our launch story.

Best regards!